Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEW!!! Southbend now offers Plancha units!

You’ve asked for it, now we have it. Introducing our new Plancha.!!!

Southbend's plancha units are a direct contact cooking surface which can also be used as a Hot Top. Across the plancha plate there are several heat zones for diversified cooking.  A high heat zone, max temperature of 800°F, is located toward the front which is great for a quick sear. Toward the back of the plate temperatures decrease to 625°F, great for finishing or holding product. Every plancha has a raised 1/2" thick reinforced steel plate which provides a fast preheat and quick recovery time. There are collection areas on either side of the griddle plate to accommodate a standard 3" wide spatula making our units easy to clean during and after use.
Standard Features:
• Available in 16”, 18“, 24”, 32“ and 36” sizes
• 16,000 BTU NAT (15,500 BTU LP) cast iron  
    burners. (1 burner for 16” and 18” units, 2
    burners for the 24” units, and 3 burners for 
    the 32” and 36” units.)
• Battery spark ignition
• 1/2" thick reinforced griddle plate
• Side and rear splash guard
• 5" deep front rail
• Removable stainless steel grease drawer with      50% greater capacity
• 100% stainless steel construction provides 
    longer life
• Two layers of insulation between burner box       and body sides
• 1-1/4" front gas manifold for battery applications
• 1" NPT industry standard rear gas connection
• 5" high stainless steel flue riser
• Free battery and Island design services available

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